Nexus Symposium 2018


26 May in Amsterdam, with Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye and Sean Wilentz.

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Nexus Conference 2017


Watch the videos of a unique intellectual debate!

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Published: Nexus 76


The latest issue of Nexus (in Dutch) was published in December, with the Nexus Lecture by Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and other essays on law and responsibility.

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Conference ‘The Last Revolution’

On 18 November, Bernard-Henri Lévy opened the Nexus Conference with an inspiring speech on democratic values and the changing world order. The opening lecture was followed by two round-table discussions on power and freedom, in which the importance – and existence – of universal liberal principles were hotly debated. You can find the highlights video’s here.


Lecture Justice Stephen Breyer

Justice Stephen Breyer of the US Supreme Court held the Nexus Lecture 2017. How should judges respond to globalisation? Why do citizens follow the rulings of judges, or ignore them? What was the role of the Supreme Court in bringing about social change, for example during the civil rights era in the United States? And do judges rule on the basis of reason, or of political opinion? The video recordings of the lecture are available here.



Broaden your horizon with Connect

Nexus Connect is the Nexus youth association for cultural enthusiasts under 36 looking for inspiration and Bildung. As a Connect member you receive three bound volumes from the Nexus Library series and a discount on your tickets for Nexus activities. Upcoming events include the Nexus Symposium in May and the annual Conference in December. To enjoy these events, as well as special events for Connect members, join Nexus Connect now!



26/5 Symposium An Education in Counterculture
10/11 Lecture
15/12 Conference

Video & Photo

Nexus Symposium ‘Virtuoso!’

Barbara Nissman playing Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 2

Justice Stephen Breyer holding the US Constitution

Photo: Dolph Cantrijn