Nexus Lecture 2017

An Apology for the Law

Nexus Lecture 2017 by Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. 23 September 2017, Tilburg University.


Nexus Symposium


Discourse on the art of the piano. With David Dubal, Barbara Nissman, Rexa Han en Marco Riaskoff.


Nexus Conference 2017


The Nexus Conference 2017 will take place 18 November: on revolution, power and freedom

Published: Nexus 74


The latest issue of Nexus (in Dutch) was published in April, with contributions by the speakers at the conference ‘What Will Save the World?’



Simon Schama on nationalism

‘Nationalism is definitely a thing of the past’, Simon Schama’s history teacher told him. So much for the prophetic powers of history teachers – because today, the ancient demons of tribalism and nationalism are still haunting our world. The story of the struggle for liberal democracy has not been told with enough narrative vigour and vividness, according to Schama. In these videos of the most recent Nexus Conference, he brilliantly shows how to bring these issues to the attention of the public.


Nexus Symposium: Virtuoso!

The Nexus Institute organised the symposium ‘Virtuoso!’ with host David Dubal, an internationally acclaimed expert on the piano and its history, where you were able to hear live performances and recordings from the golden age of the piano. The audience explored the idea of virtuosity with Mr. Dubal, the acclaimed American concert pianist Barbara Nissman, the Chinese-born pianist Rexa Han and the famed Dutch impresario Marco Riaskoff.



Broaden your horizon with Connect

Nexus Connect is the Nexus youth association for cultural enthusiasts under 36 looking for inspiration and Bildung. As a Connect member you receive three bound volumes from the Nexus Library series and a discount on your tickets for Nexus activities. We have many exciting upcoming events, including the Nexus Lecture in September and the annual Conference in November. To enjoy these events, as well as special events for Connect members, join Nexus Connect now!



23/09/2017 Lecture An Apology for the Law
18/11/2017 Conference The Last Revolution

Video & Photo

Nexus Conference ‘What Will Save the World?’

Elif Shafak, Leif Wenar, Miroslav Volf and Simon Schama on identity politics, religion, and the possibility of a radical humanism.

Ágnes Heller: a witness to history

Photo: Dolph Cantrijn