Nexus Conference 2017


At the Nexus Conference on 18 November, our panelists discussed the essence of power, the nature of freedom and the changing world order.


Published: Nexus 75

Education by the Muses

The latest issue of Nexus (in Dutch) was published in October, with contributions by artists, writers and art historians on the work of art that inspired them.



Lecture Justice Stephen Breyer

Like architecture and jazz music, the law seeks to mediate between global realities and local influences. This presents complex challenges to the justices of the American Supreme Court. Their rulings, based on the laws and Constitution of the US, have an impact on legal systems around the world. And so, Justice Stephen Breyer argued in his Nexus Lecture, we need to look beyond the boundaries of nations and disciplines. Check back here soon for video’s of Breyer’s inspiring lecture.


Conference ‘The Last Revolution’

Leon Trotski declared the Russian Revolution to be ‘the last revolution’, the beginning of a new world where ‘the average human type will rise to the heights of an Aristotle, a Goethe, or a Marx.’ But the ideal of freedom failed in the face of the austere reality of power. The Nexus Conference on 18 November dealt with these questions: what is freedom, and what is the essence of power? Is freedom threatened today? And what will be the revolutions of the twenty-first century?



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20 oct Published Nexus 75
18 nov Conference The Last Revolution
15 dec Publication Nexus 76

Video & Photo

Nexus Symposium ‘Virtuoso!’

Barbara Nissman playing Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 2

Justice Stephen Breyer holding the US Constitution

Photo: Dolph Cantrijn