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The Revolution of Hope

Saturday 20 November
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Cultura Animi III

Becoming Human Is an Art

Essays by Cristina Campo, George Steiner, Ingrid Rowland and Rob Riemen

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Nexus Conference 2020

A New Age of Anxiety

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Democracy Today in the USA

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published Cultura Animi III
October 2021 New Nexus Specials
Fall 2021 Cultura Animi IV
20 Nov. 2021 Conference 2021

Watch Wole Soyinka’s keynote now

What is human? Nobel laureate in literature Wole Soyinka reflects on the fragile boundaries of the human amidst a myriad of apocalyptic anxieties

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Cultura Animi, Becoming Human is An Art

Cristina Campo, George Steiner and Ingrid Rowland: inspiring essays for all autodidacts who want to practice the delicate art of living

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