Nexus Conference 2004 -

4 december 2004
9.00 – 18.10
Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Rotterdam

Europe: A Beautiful Idea?

The conferences on Europe culminated in an Intellectual Summit focused on the questions: is Europe a beautiful idea? If it is: why? And what does this imply? What is the ideal and what is reality? What can we do to continue realising the idea of Europe? One thing is certain: the idea of Europe has no future without the citizens of Europe. As Winston Churchill pointed out in his United Europe speech in 1947: ‘Europe is a spiritual conception. But if men cease to hold that conception in their minds, cease to feel its worth in their hearts, it will die.’

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Journal Nexus
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Nexus 40

Europa realiseren

Europa realiseren

Dutch publication containing essays about the American Promise and the role of religion in a globalizing world. Can Western and Islamic values co-exist or is a 'clash of civilization' inevitable?
Journal Nexus
2010 or Earlier

Nexus 41

Spiegels voor Europa
Journal Nexus
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Nexus 42

Europees testament


The Netherlands, 1956

Jan Peter Balkenende

former Prime Minister

Portugal, 1956

José Manuel Barroso

former president European Commission

The Netherlands, 1963

Maxim Febuari

columnist, philosopher, writer

Hungary, 1951

Iván Fischer

conductor Budapest Festival Orchestra

Canada, 1947

Michael Ignatieff

politician, intellectual and moral philosopher

Hungary, 1925 - 2016

George Klein

oncologist and humanist

The Netherlands, 1960 - 2020

Atzo Nicolaï

liberal politician

United States, 1944

Thomas L. Pangle

Plato translator and political philosopher

France, 1913 - 2010

Jacqueline de Romilly


The Netherlands, 1951

Yvonne van Rooy


United States, 1953

Michael J. Sandel

political philosopher and Socratic educator

Germany, 1948

Karl Schlögel

Eastern Europe expert

Germany, 1926 - 2016

Fritz Stern

described the rise of national socialism in Europe

Jordan, 1947

Hassan bin Talal

Jordanian prince

Syria, 1944

Bassam Tibi

philosopher and political theorist

Bulgaria, 1939 - 2017

Tzvetan Todorov

philosopher and historian of ideas

Peru, 1936

Mario Vargas Llosa

winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature

Poland, 1945 - 2021

Adam Zagajewski

poet and essayist

United States, 1948

Adam Zamoyski

historian of Poland and Europe