Nexus Lecture Orhan Pamuk -

Saturday 28 September 2024
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Novels, Museums and the Idea of Europe

Photo: Fronteiras do Pensamento

Novels, Museums and the Idea of Europe

On 22 September 1994, the famous Palestinian intellectual Edward Said delivered the very first Nexus Lecture, thereby marking the birth of the Nexus Institute. Now, on the occasion of the thirtieth birthday of the Institute, the Turkish writer and Nobel Prize Laureate Orhan Pamuk will deliver the Nexus Lecture 2024 in Rotterdam.

Pamuk is one of the most imporant writers of this moment, who with his oeuvre follows in the footsteps of giants like Lev Tolstoy and Thomas Mann. His books have been translated into 63 languages and over 15 million copies have been sold. Contemporary classics such as My Name is Red (1998), Snow (2002) and A Strangeness in My Mind (2014) earned him numerous prizes. In 2006, Pamuk was the first Turkish writer to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. The Committee praised him for ‘discovering new symbols for the clash and interlacing of cultures’ in his ‘quest for the melancholic soul in his native city’. The tension between Western and Eastern values has been an overarching theme in Pamuk’s work.

The Nexus Lecture by Orhan Pamuk will take place on September 28 from 3 p.m. There will also be a live stream, accessible to members of the Nexus Institute.

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Nexus Lecture


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Turkey, 1952

Orhan Pamuk

Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature

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