Nexus Conference 2023 -

Saturday 17 June 2023
National Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam

Nietzsche and Van Gogh discuss the Future of Western Civilization

Nietzsche and Van Gogh discuss the Future of Western Civilization

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Van Gogh Museum

Saturday 17 June 2023
9.45 am – 4 pm
National Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam
Live stream (for members only)

On Saturday 17 June 2023, a group of renowned artists, thinkers and writers from around the world will gather for the Nexus Conference 2023, to reflect – in the wake of Nietzsche and Van Gogh – on our times and our world. Do greed and the will to power reign today, or can we still believe in other ideals? What gives our lives meaning? Where do we find wisdom and knowledge about it: in the cloud, in libraries, in art? And has Western culture degenerated into a tomb of tourist attractions or is it still a rich treasury offering hope? Order your tickets now.

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Introductory essay


Rob Riemen

Tomb or Treasure? Nietzsche and Van Gogh discuss The Future of Western Civilization

On the occasion of the Nexus Conference 2023


Book signing


Laurence Des Cars

France, 1966

Laurence des Cars

President and Director of the Louvre Museum
Katherine Fleming

USA, 1965

Katherine E. Fleming

historian and President of the J. Paul Getty Trust
Foto E. Gordenker – VGM

USA, 1965

Emilie Gordenker

General Director of the Van Gogh Museum
Bela Tarr-web

Hungary, 1955

Béla Tarr

one of the great artists of our time
Andrej Tarkovski-web

Russia, 1970

Andrey A. Tarkovsky

President of the Andrey Tarkovsky International Institute
László Nemes

Hungary, 1977

László Nemes

Oscar winner for his movie Son of Saul
Brian Greene

USA, 1962

Brian Greene

world-renowned scientist and co-founder of the World Science Festival

The Netherlands, 1960

Robbert Dijkgraaf

physicist and Minister of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands
Antonio Scurati

Italy, 1969

Antonio Scurati

author of the bestselling novels on Mussolini
Lisa Appignanesi


Lisa Appignanesi

author, historian and former Chairwoman of the Freud Museum
Tomas Halik

Czechoslovakia, 1948

Tomáš Halík

leading Catholic thinker
Georges Didi Huberman

France, 1953

Georges Didi-Huberman

art historian and philosopher
Foto Leon Wieseltier

USA, 1952

Leon Wieseltier

Jewish-American public intellectual and editor of Liberties
Stephen Farthing-web

UK, 1950

Stephen Farthing

painter and art historian
Valentina Vapaux

Germany, 2001

Valentina Vapaux

author of Generation Z

Mexico, 1980

Humberto Beck

historian and essayist