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Belgium, 1955

Kristien Hemmerechts

Kristien Hemmerechts is a writer of novels, short stories, columns and travel stories. She studied Germanic languages and literatures and obtained a PhD in literary studies in 1986. Her debut as a writer followed in 1987 with Een zuil van zout. Since then, she has written over twenty novels, short story collections and essays, such as the autobiographical essay Taal zonder mij (1998) and Kleine zielen (2009). Hemmerechts teaches English literature at the Hogeschool-Universiteit in Brussels and creative writing in the drama department of the Royal Conservatory Antwerp.

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Journal Nexus
2010 or Earlier

Nexus 34

De queeste van het leven Deel II. Het Kwaad

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Part II. Evil

The Quest for Life

11 June 2002 9.20 - 21.45 Tilburg University