Hungary, 1924 - 2008
writer and historian

Tibor Simányi

Tibor Simányi was a writer and a historian. He studied German and English literature at Péter Pázmány University in Budapest and fled to Vienna in 1956. There, he worked with a publishing house and wrote books and newspaper articles. Between 1970 and 1981, he was the head of the Hungarian board of Deutsche Welle. Simányi wrote books such as Der Raub Europas. Biographie eines Kontinents (1967), Er schuf das Reich. Ferdinand von Habsburg (1987), Wolkenfetzen – Unzeitgemäße Notizen eines Mitteleuropäers (1994) and Lieber Tibor – Briefwechsel Sándor Márai-Tibor Simányi (2002).

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