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Time and Power
Author Christopher Clark
By Jilt Jorritsma
‘Time and Power’ aims to break with the ingrained belief that cyclical conceptions of time were eclipsed by a linear view of time which detached itself from the past and aimed towards the future.
The Intimacies of Four Continents
Author Lisa Lowe
By Jesse van Amelsvoort
Lisa Lowe’s new monograph is indispensable for anyone interested in political theory, history and postcolonialism.
Author David Nirenberg
By Scott Ury
Tracing the various images of Judaism and anti-Judaism over time is a daunting task. That said, Nirenberg’s goals and methods are clearly defined and the end result is an intellectual tour-de-force.
Vanished Kingdoms
The History of Half-Forgotten Europe
Author Norman Davies
By Mahon Murphy
His main priorities are, as he states, to highlight the contrast between times present and times past and to explore the workings of historical memory.
Iron Curtain
The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956
Author Anne Applebaum
By Eszter Salgó
The author’s sensibility, her insights into and delicate description of people’s moral and psychological collapse, make the book particularly powerful.
The Age of Confucian Rule
The Song Transformation of China
Author Dieter Kuhn
By Ina Asim
It was the ethical and philosophical quests by Song intellectuals that shaped Neo-Confucian ideology into the persisting foundation of the Chinese civilized state.
Moscow, The Fourth Rome
Stalinism, Cosmopolitanism, and the Evolution of Soviet Culture, 1931-1941
Author Katerina Clark
By Olga Velikanova
The most significant part of the book is the study of state ambition, self-representation, expressed in official rhetoric, cultural politics and writings of the Soviet intellectuals.
The Great Sea
A Human History of the Mediterranean
Author David Abulafia
By Charles Dalli
The role of the Mediterranean crossroads in bringing together the people from across it, and far beyond, is highlighted through a narrative style which ensures the place of the story in the history.
The Pursuit of the Nazi Mind
Hitler, Hess, and the Analysts
Author Daniel Pick
By Frederik van Gelder
Pick sees both the necessity of the wartime militarization of psychoanalysis and the impossibility of accepting the theoretical principles upon which this was ostensibly based.