Nigeria, 1962

Folake Wole-Soyinka

Folake Wole-Soyinka obtained a Bachelor’s degree at Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. After her graduation, she took part in the Nigerian National Youth Service Corps Programme, aimed at nation-building. Her professional career began at the prestigious Guardian Newspapers of Nigeria, from where she also co-founded and edited the journal Classique, a platform predominantly beamed at female gender issues. Later, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management at Claremont College in California, with an internship in the US circuit court system where she obtained first-hand experience in the sociology and counselling of victims of spousal abuse. Folake Wole-Soyinka is Executive Director of the Wole Soyinka Foundation, charged with cultural projects and intercultural diplomacy as a force to activate in particular young Nigerian women to fight for gender equality and against any form of racism.

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