Nexus Symposium -

6 June 2015
14.00 – 17.00
DeLaMar Theater Amsterdam

Je suis Européen!

In June 2015, some of Europe’s foremost intellectuals and politicians gathered at the Nexus Symposium in Amsterdam, addressing the current state of affairs in Europe. The European Union is based on the illusion that the market will unite Europe. This leads to an existential crisis, with the EU resembling a house without a foundation. What kind of policy should the European Union embrace to reverse the anti-European spirit? How can we create a more confident Europe – a Europe that is more than an economic vehicle or a museum of past glory? Who is European? And what does it take to be a European?

Their conclusion was that a future for Europe is feasible when based upon a united Europe; upon a revival of the cultural-moral awareness that transcends race and faith; upon an ideal of civilization that may inspire millions of citizens to speak up with passion and conviction, saying in their own language: Je suis Européen! – Soy europeo! – Ich bin ein Europäer! – Jsem Evropan! – Ik ben Europeaan! – I’m a European! – Jestem Europejczykiem!


Rob Riemen opens the discussion by asking former European Commissioners Androulla Vassiliou and Frits Bolkestein how come the European Union fails in creating an European identity?
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Lebanon, 1957

Pierre Audi

former director of the Dutch Opera

Germany, 1970

Philipp Blom

historian, novelist, journalist and translator

The Netherlands, 1933

Frits Bolkestein

liberal politician

Turkey, 1974

Aykan Erdemir

scholar and Turkish politician

The Netherlands, 1971

Arnon Grunberg

Dutch writer

The Netherlands

Caroline de Gruyter

author and journalist

China, 1939

Robert Skidelsky

historian, economist and politician

India, 1962

Tunku Varadarajan

writer and journalist

Cyprus, 1943

Androulla Vassiliou

lawyer, Cypriote politician and former European Commissioner

United States, 1948

Adam Zamoyski

historian of Poland and Europe

Philipp Blom, Caroline de Gruyter, Arnon Grunberg and Pierre Audi discuss the question ‘Would you die for Europe?’.

Greek author Apostolos Doxiadis speaks frankly about the severe crisis Greece is facing in 2015.

Arnon Grunberg, Philipp Blom and Robert Skidelsky discuss the question whether we need Bildungsburgertum to feel European.

Europeans have many identities: a regional, national and supranational. How do they relate to these various identities? Fresh opinions are offered by Robert Skidelsky, Caroline de Gruyter, Arnon Grunberg, Philipp Blom and Adam Zamoyski.

Aykan Erdemir brings another perspective on Europe to the table and focusses on the function of language and history. Who are actually regarded as being European? Robert Skidelsky, Apostolos Doxiadis and Philipp Blom share their thoughts.


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