Gustav Mahler’s Ultimate Questions -

14 May 2011
9.40 – 17.30
Het Muziektheater Amsterdam

The Questor Hero

The 20th Nexus Conference is devoted to Mahler’s heritage. Mahler was a God-seeker. We live after the death of God, in a godless world. What are the political, moral, and cultural consequences of that? Why did Mahler search for beauty, and how did he express this? How can we explain that on the one hand, Mahler is one of the great poets of suffering and of the tragedy of existence, and that on the other hand, he wrote such beautiful music? Does our longing for transcendental, absolute values offer a way out of the human tragedy, or is that a dangerous illusion?


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Journal Nexus

Nexus 59

De laatste vragen van Gustav Mahler

De laatste vragen van Gustav Mahler

Dutch publication with contributions of the speakers at the Nexus Conference 2011. What do the questions of Mahler about humanity, art and God mean for our time?


Hungary, 1951

Iván Fischer

conductor Budapest Festival Orchestra

Israel, 1987

Yoel Gamzou

conductor and founder of the International Mahler Orchestra; completed Mahler’s Tenth

United States, 1952

Mitchell Cohen

author The Politics of Opera

Greece, 1930

Constantin Floros

musicologist and Mahler expert

United States, 1941

Allan Janik

at home in Wittgenstein’s Vienna

Hungary, 1925 - 2016

George Klein

oncologist and humanist

Italy, 1939

Claudio Magris

writer and expert on Mitteleuropa

United Kingdom, 1964

Katie Mitchell

theatre director

The Netherlands, 1964

Carl Niekerk

Germanic scholar, specialized in German-Jewish literature and music.

Spain, 1932

Nuria Schoenberg Nono

daughter of Arnold Schönberg, widow of Luigi Nono

United States, 1956

Michael Steinberg

researcher of German Jewish cultural history and music

South Africa, 1929

Lewis Wolpert

biologist, humanist, rationalist

Poland, 1945 - 2021

Adam Zagajewski

poet and essayist

Slovenia, 1949

Slavoj Žižek

polemical philosopher, sociologist and cultural critic


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