Photo: Robert Goddyn
Italy, 1941 – 2021
writer and publisher at Adelphi

Roberto Calasso

Roberto Calasso was a writer and publisher. He studied English and earned his PhD with Mario Praz as an advisor. He then went to work for Adelphi Publishers, where he was editorial director. Calasso’s debut novel was L’impuro folle, but he had international success with his essayistic novel series The Ruin of Kasch (1983), The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony (1988), Ka (1996) and K. (2002), which reflect on the culture of modernity.

Read a review of Calasso’s The Unnamable Present (2019) here.

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Journal Nexus
2010 or Earlier

Nexus 26

Journal Nexus
2010 or Earlier

Nexus 16

Cultuur en politiek

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Part I. The Classics, Art, and Kitsch

Towards a Definition of Western Culture

11 November 2006 09.30 - 18.30 Passenger Terminal, Amsterdam


Nexus Conference 1999

No Place for Cosmopolitans?

8 October 1999 9.35 - 21.45 Tilburg University