Nexus Conference 1999 -

8 October 1999
9.35 – 21.45
Tilburg University

No Place for Cosmopolitans?

Cosmopolitanism presupposes transcendent values which are known to all, independent of their nationality; values of which nobody can claim ownership, and which can be expressed in different languages, forms, and cultures. Cosmopolitanism is not a political concept: it is a way of life. Has cosmopolitanism vanished as an ideal? If it has, what have we lost exactly? And can we still recover it? Which contemporary social phenomena might we understand better through a debate on the need for cosmopolitanism? What are the implications of the cosmopolitan ideal for our politics, culture, and human identity?


The Netherlands, 1967

Yoeri Albrecht

journalist and director of De Balie

United States

Candace Allen

Hollywood screenwriter

United States, 1955

Mark Anderson

Professor of German

United Kingdom, 1954

Kwame Anthony Appiah

cultural philosopher

Lebanon, 1957

Pierre Audi

former director of the Dutch Opera

Israel, 1956

Samuel Brussell

writer and publisher

Italy, 1941 – 2021

Roberto Calasso

writer and publisher at Adelphi

United States, 1952

Mitchell Cohen

author The Politics of Opera

Serbia, 1953

Aleksa Djilas

writes on Yugoslavian history and politics

Germany, 1930 - 2007

Otto von der Gablentz

German diplomat

Uruquay, 1958

Moshe Halbertal

professor of Jewish thought

Romania, 1933

Pierre Hassner

international relations expert

Canada, 1947

Michael Ignatieff

politician, intellectual and moral philosopher

United States, 1941

Allan Janik

at home in Wittgenstein’s Vienna

The Netherlands, 1939

Ruud Lubbers

statesman, former prime minister

United Kingdom

Marina Mahler

granddaughter of Gustav Mahler

Argentina, 1948

Alberto Manguel

writer and bibliophile

United States, 1941

Paul Mendes-Flohr

specialist in Jewish history

Poland, 1945 - 2021

Adam Zagajewski

poet and essayist

United States, 1956

Emily D. Bilski

curator, specializing in modern and contemporary art

Israel, 1945

Gabriel Motzkin

interdisciplinary academic

The Netherlands, 1956

Hans Maarten van den Brink

writer and cultural policy maker

The Netherlands, 1942 - 2007

Ad Geelhoed

top government official and law expert

Poland, 1932 - 2008

Bronislaw Geremek

politician and historian

The Netherlands, 1948

Ronald de Leeuw

former director Rijksmuseum

Czech Republic, 1917 - 2003

Pavel Tigrid

writer and dissident

United Kingdom, 1962

Julian Reynolds

conductor, DNO

South Africa, 1951

Sarat Maharaj

art historian and theorist

France, 1945

Bernard de Montferrand