Part II. What Is an Educated Man? -

9 September 2007
09.20 – 18.15
Passenger Terminal, Amsterdam

Towards a Definition of Western Culture

Nietzsche stated that our culture is vanishing, that it has lost its foundations. If this is so, what will the new culture be like? What are its foundations? What is the new definition of Western culture? As a part of this quest, we are compelled to ask: ‘What is an educated man?’ For whether Nietzsche is right or wrong, and whatever is the relevance of his claim, the essence of education is still a mirror of society which can give us insight into who we are. The next step is to ask: what are the causes? What are the consequences? Is this what we want?


Poland, 1923 - 2010

Shmuel Eisenstadt


United Kingdom, 1956 - 2015

David Cesarani

historian and expert on the Holocaust

United Kingdom, 1941

Richard Dawkins

biologist and atheist

France, 1949

Alain Finkielkraut

philosopher, cultural pessimist

The Netherlands, 1952

Louise Fresco

agronomist, author

United States, 1954

Bill Joy

co-founder and former chief scientist of Sun Microsystems

Lithuania, 1954

Liubava Moreva

cultural philosopher

Iran, 1955

Azar Nafisi

literary scholar and a newly American citizen

Germany, 1940

Claus Offe

political sociologist

The Netherlands, 1952

Hein van Oorschot

executive officer

The Netherlands, 1957

Ronald Plasterk

politician, scientist

United States, 1953

Michael J. Sandel

political philosopher and Socratic educator

United States, 1968

Susan Searls Giroux

cultural scholar and advocate of the improvement of higher education

United States, 1958

David Steiner

education commissioner

United States, 1954

Lawrence Summers

economist, former Harvard president and Secretary of the Treasury

United Kingdom, 1950

Alison Wolf

economist, educational advisor