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Culture, History, Politics, Society

A Future Without War?

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Politics, Society

Rob Riemen

The War and the Future

On the occasion of the Nexus Conference 2022: The War and the Future

Culture, History, Politics, Society

Robert Cooper

Hope and Dover Beach

The big questions today are whether politics has been or will be captured by the forces of darkness – so that we will be robbed of our hopes and our future; and whether, having lost faith in faith, we are now going to lose faith in politics too

Revolution! The Political Crisis of our Time


Culture, Politics

William Deresiewicz

Wokeness on Campus: The Reign of Stupidity

There are no competing ideologies or rival schools [...] There is only assent. And when there’s but a single ideology, it isn’t just an ideology. It’s a religion. Its ideas aren’t ideas; they are dogmas.
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History, Politics

Richard J. Evans

Brexit: Refighting the Second World War

Football has sometimes been described as a substitute for war


Kate Brown

Kiss the Ground: Life Support in Controlled Environments

MIT Professor Kate Brown on how consumerism is eating away a just and livable future


The Hidden Pleasures of an Intellectual Life

Lost in Thought

An excellent example of what it aims to capture: solid, high-quality, splendidly useless thinking in action.
Nexus How To End Anxiety-4223

Culture, Politics

Apocalypse Now? Causes of Anxiety in our Age

Nexus How To End Anxiety-5225

Culture, Politics

Amor Mundi. How to End the Age of Anxiety?

Wole-Soyinka (1)

Culture, Politics

Keynote Wole Soyinka, Nexus Conference 2020

Nexus How To End Anxiety-3882

Culture, Politics

Welcome Rob Riemen – Nexus Conference 2020



Humberto Beck

The Return of Ivan Illich in Times of Corona

It will depend on us whether the coronavirus will result in a new catastrophe, or in a new beginning.


Simon Winder

Goodbye to History

The author of Danubia and Germania shows what we can learn from 20th-century German history.
Jacqueline Murekatete

My Experiences with and Lessons from the Rwandan Genocide


Humanism, Philosophy

George Steiner

The Life of the Mind

Can the life of the mind, the love of truth and beauty, be sustained in a time of materialism and mass democracy?


Catherine Nixey

The Evil of Christianity

‘Good’ and ‘evil’ as fundamentally opposed came into the world with Christianity. This wasn’t good.

Literature, Philosophy

The Unnamable Present

A wealth of topics: from Baudelaire to Kafka, Benjamin and Weil; from sacrifice to the sacred, the process of secularization and digital society.
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Art, Politics

Being Hans Castorp in Our Time


Religion, Society

When the Gods Remain Silent


Politics, Religion

Götterdämmerung. The Twilight of the Gods