Part I. Mass Democracy on Trial -

13 November 2005
09.45 – 21.30
Passenger Terminal, Amsterdam

What Is a Good Society?



Peru, 1936

Mario Vargas Llosa

winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature

United States, 1959 - 2011

Ronald Asmus

diplomat and political analyst

Poland, 1925 - 2017

Zygmunt Bauman


United Kingdom, 1940

Robin Blackburn

socialist historian

The Netherlands, 1933

Frits Bolkestein

liberal politician

The Netherlands, 1954

René Boomkens

cultural scholar and policy maker

The Netherlands, 1937

Laurens Jan Brinkhorst

progressive liberal politician

France, 1948

Pascal Bruckner

philosopher, writer and critic of Western culture

United Kingdom, 1956 - 2015

David Cesarani

historian and expert on the Holocaust

United Kingdom, 1949

Theodore Dalrymple

psychiatrist and cultural critic

United States, 1941 - 2013

Jean Bethke Elshtain

Catholic political philosopher

France, 1951

Luc Ferry

philosopher, former French Minister of Education

France, 1940

Gabriel Josipovici

British writer and academic

The Netherlands, 1939

Ruud Lubbers

statesman, former prime minister

Belgium, 1943

Chantal Mouffe

political theorist

United States, 1939

Ferdinand Mount

conservative writer and columnist

Canada, 1947

John Ralston Saul

writer and President of PEN International

United States, 1959

John Seabrook


The Netherlands, 1946

Anna Tilroe

art critic

United States, 1952

Richard Wolin

historian of ideas

United States, 1944

William Wheatley

TV producer