Speakers and authors

The journal Nexus was founded in 1991, the Nexus Institute three years later. Since then, a large number of international thinkers, artists, scholars and politicians have published in Nexus or taken part in one of the Institute’s activities. Below you find an overview of all our authors and speakers.


USA, 1940

Ron Jones

author, playwright, and spoken word artist
Pamuk 3

Turkey, 1952

Orhan Pamuk

Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature

Italy, 1979

Francesco Boldizzoni

historian and advocate of social democracy

United States, 1962

Wynton Marsalis

world-renowned trumpeter, composer and a leading advocate of jazz culture

Hungary, 1955

Béla Tarr

one of the great artists of our time
Nexus_Nietzsche V Gogh_JRZ1207

Russia, 1970

Andrey A. Tarkovsky

President of the Andrey Tarkovsky International Institute

Czechoslovakia, 1948

Tomáš Halík

leading Catholic thinker

USA, 1965

Emilie Gordenker

General Director of the Van Gogh Museum

USA, 1965

Katherine E. Fleming

historian and President of the J. Paul Getty Trust

France, 1953

Georges Didi-Huberman

art historian and philosopher


Lisa Appignanesi

author, historian and former Chairwoman of the Freud Museum

Germany, 2001

Valentina Vapaux

author of Generation Z

Italy, 1969

Antonio Scurati

author of the bestselling novels on Mussolini

Hungary, 1977

László Nemes

Oscar winner for his movie Son of Saul

USA, 1962

Brian Greene

world-renowned scientist and co-founder of the World Science Festival

UK, 1950

Stephen Farthing

painter and art historian

France, 1966

Laurence des Cars

President and Director of the Louvre Museum
Emmanuel Macron

France, 1977

Emmanuel Macron

President of France
Nexus War and Future Nov 2022-_JRD0522

Albania, 1979

Lea Ypi

Professor of Political Theory and author of Free. Coming of Age at the End of History
Foto Zena Hitz

USA, 1973

Zena Hitz

propagates the life of the mind
Nexus War and Future Nov 2022-_JRD0952

Ukraine, 1978

Oksana Forostyna

Ukrainian intellectual
Foto Donatella Di Cesare

Italy, 1956

Donatella Di Cesare

Italian-Jewish philosopher and pascifist
Nexus War and Future Nov 2022-_JRD0787

France, 1961

Nicolas Baverez

influential French public intellectual
Nexus War and Future Nov 2022-_JRD0177

Poland, 1963

Radek Sikorski

Polish politician and member of the European Parliament