Speakers and authors

The journal Nexus was founded in 1991, the Nexus Institute three years later. Since then, a large number of international thinkers, artists, scholars and politicians have published in Nexus or taken part in one of the Institute’s activities. Below you find an overview of all our authors and speakers.

Nexus War and Future Nov 2022-_JRD0522

Albania, 1979

Lea Ypi

Professor of Political Theory and author of Free. Coming of Age at the End of History
Foto Zena Hitz

USA, 1973

Zena Hitz

propagates the life of the mind
Nexus War and Future Nov 2022-_JRD0952

Ukraine, 1978

Oksana Forostyna

Ukrainian intellectual
Foto Donatella Di Cesare

Italy, 1956

Donatella Di Cesare

Italian-Jewish philosopher and pascifist
Nexus War and Future Nov 2022-_JRD0787

France, 1961

Nicolas Baverez

influential French public intellectual
Nexus War and Future Nov 2022-_JRD0177

Poland, 1963

Radek Sikorski

Polish politician and member of the European Parliament
Nexus War and Future Nov 2022-_JRD0357

United Kingdom, 1957

Ray Monk

Wittgenstein- and Oppenheimer-biographer en philosopher
Nexus War and Future Nov 2022-_JRD0324

Portugal, 1974

Bruno Maçães

geopolitical thinker
Foto Mary Beth Long

USA, 1963

Mary Beth Long

former CIA-spy and US Assistant Secretary of Defense

Hungary, 1954

László Krasznahorkai

prizewinning author and screenwrtier
Lorraine Daston

United Kingdom, 1951

Lorraine Daston

historian of science

United States, 1946

Patti Smith

American cultural icon and singer
Kaye, Lenny

United States, 1946

Lenny Kaye

guitarist, composer and writer
Nadia Harhash

Palestine, 1971

Nadia Harhash

Palestinian lawyer and human rights activist
Anand Patwardhan

India, 1950

Anand Patwardhan

Indian artist-activist and revolutionary spirit
Colombe Cahen-Salvador

France, 1994

Colombe Cahen-Salvador

political activist, co-founder of Volt and co-founder of Atlas
Antonio Spadaro

Italy, 1966

Antonio Spadaro, S.J.

Italian Jesuit priest
Jeff Flake

United States, 1962

Senator Jeff Flake

Republican politician and critic of Trump
Haris Vlavianos

Italy, 1975

Haris Vlavianós

Greek European humanist
Patrick Deneen

United States, 1964

Patrick J. Deneen

internationally renowned American political thinker
Mary Trump

United States, 1965

Mary L. Trump

niece and author of ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’